手作り帆船メイキング「日本丸」/Homemade sailboat making "Nipponmaru"


The sailboat exhibited in "Minatomirai" in Yokohama "Nipponmaru"


For me, "Nipponmaru", "white and beautiful lady"

ずっと、以前からこの船の模型を造りたいと思った、キットモデルも売っているけど、キットで 30000円以上とモデルとしては高価な上に、組み立て制作時間が標準で300時間とある

The kit models who thought they would like to make a model of this ship from before sell them, too, but it's much expensive as more than \30,000 ($300) and a model by a kit and assembly production time is standard and is here with 300 hours.


I have started at this summer (Top of July) in production of homemade items using the disused article in my house.




Is a picture seen and understood, a body cuts a box of the fire resin which became unnecessary down and uses it.
A mast combines and makes chopsticks of the bamboo which sticks to a luxury box lunch.
A deck used a luxury snack and a wooden box of presents.


I infered from the amount of the material in the home, began 3 ships of production and worked on 1 sampler first, all each parts are homemade of course.


Anchors, making by hand and the size are about 10 mm.


The chain with which an anchor is connected uses \100($1) of necklace for ornament bought at a shop.

マストに付けている梯子は、ミカンなどの入っているネット袋をカット して梯子に見えるように作り上げた。

The ladder which is being put on the mast was completed so that I might cut a net bag which contains an orange and see as a ladder.


The white cloth \100($1) of sale also bought at a shop is cut and made.


The 1st ship will start making, and is completed in the first month exactly.
(I promised to complete it in about 1 month with my daughter who returns home in the summer holidays.)


Small nail, tape kinds, Takegushi and a spent cost are for 3 ships in stainless thin wire, marking string, water-based paint and glue by the material \100($1) of most part bought at a shop for buying it, about \4,000 ($40).

縮尺サイズは約 1/170

The reduced scale size is about 1/170.


If it was shown to the doctor's friend with I'm on good terms, you praised with "the wonderful workmanship".

The 1st sampler and various problems were found to the end.


Lot's of dissatisfied places were found as building and a reduced scale model of the mast and the sail on which a mast is stuck.


I work on sailboat making of the improvement type (the 2nd ship) from the second half August.


I suffered from making of a sail in particular.


And building of safety net in a bow (Does everyone know what was used for this white net?)


I thought making of a sail was also the point by which the "white lady" who worried decides beauty really.

一隻に29枚も使用する帆は、布を2重にして糸で手縫いして形を 整えることにしました


A part was increased as the sail 29 for one ship also use decided to make the cloth double, do hand sewing by thread and arrange the shape and a structure on the deck might also approach an actual ship.

どうですか? 最初の一隻目と比べればグレードアップできたと思うのですが

How is it? I think it could be upgraded compared with the first first ship.


The shape is arranged by a cut of a sail and hand sewing and it's installed in the mast.

どうですか? 1隻目と2隻目の出来栄えの違いは理解していただけますか

How is it? Could you understand the difference in the workmanship of the 1st ship and the 2nd ship?


It has passed for 3 months from production starting.


The design of the hull was deserted, so "youthful spirit" was added and "seamaid" and "dolphin" were designed here.


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